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Run-Archery is a sport discipline, combining archery with running. It is similar to the sport of biathlon and was developed during the 1990s by European archery associations. Since year 2000 Russia, the Netherlands and Germany are organizing annual national championships. In 2003 Run-Archery was officially admitted as a discipline of the World Archery Federation. During the last years, Run-Archery became a dynamically developing sport disciplin that unites people from all over the world. Athletes from Russia, France, the Netherlands, Germany, Estonia, Czech Republic, Georgia, Ukraine and other nations are participating in international competitions. These competitions have great success in public and are a significant impulse for further development of this young discipline. Especially Russia, France and the Netherlands are doing great efforts for establishing and developing Run-Archery as a new discipline in archery sports. In 2015, the Netherlands started its first open cup-series of 3 competitions, which has expanded since then. In 2016, a first international cup-series with competitions in Russia and France was organized and the WAE executive board decided to form a commission for the development of Run-Archery. In 2017 a second international cup-series with competitions in Germany and the Netherlands followed and France + Germany started organizing national cup-series.

Rules differ in detail by country. In general, participants start with running and alternate between running and shooting series of 3 or 4 arrows at a target. It is not relevant whether the target is hit in the center or at the edge. For each missed shot the athlete has to run a penalty loop. In the end, the fastest athlete wins. There are sprint competitions, long distance competitions and relay competitions. In most international competitions the olympic recurve bow (without stabilisation system) is used. Run-archery rules are subject of ongoing unification. 

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